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21st Mar 2024 Lecture - ONLINE - Bastions of the Cross: Medieval Rock-Cut Cruciform Churches of Tigray
28th Feb 2024 Lecture - ONLINE - Of Power and Anxiety: The Creation of the Imperial Ethiopian Navy
13th Feb 2024 Book Club - ONLINE - Burnt Eucalyptus Wood: On Origins, Language and Identity
25th Jan 2024 Lecture - ONLINE - Édouard Joseph Bidault de Glatigné and his photographs of Obock and Tadjoura
10th Dec 2023 POSTPONED - Book Launch - White Hyena
7th Dec 2023 Book Club - ONLINE - In Search of Sheba
14th Nov 2023 Lecture - POSTPONED - In the Eyes of a Ferenji - Ethiopia, 1970-2023
24th Oct 2023 Book Club - ONLINE - Black Foam
12th Oct 2023 Lecture - ONLINE - Ethiopianisms Past and Present - From The Pittsburgh Courier to the World of Wakanda
14th Sep 2023 Lecture - HYBRID - Solidarity and Commitment: Sylvia Pankhurst and Silvio Corio
15th Aug 2023 Book Club - ONLINE - Somebody Else: Arthur Rimbaud in Africa
16th Jun 2023 Lecture - HYBRID - Reflections of the Meaning(s) of Water: Historical Identity in the Abbay and Awash
16th Jun 2023 Annual General Meeting - Members Only
6th Jun 2023 Book Club - ONLINE - Silence is My Mother Tongue
23rd May 2023 Lecture - ONLINE - The Other Abyssinians: The Northern Oromo and the Creation of Modern Ethiopia, 1855-1913
20th Apr 2023 Lecture - ONLINE - New Memoirs and New Publishers in Contemporary Ethiopia
28th Mar 2023 Book Club - ONLINE - The Prince and the Plunder
16th Mar 2023 Lecture - ONLINE - A Fulfilling Journey Through Conflicts and Contradictions
19th Feb 2023 Lecture - HYBRID - The Prince and the Plunder
31st Jan 2023 Book Club - ONLINE - A Down Home Meal for These Difficult Times
8th Dec 2022 Lecture - HYBRID - On Culture and Conflict
22nd Nov 2022 Book Club - ONLINE - Fuchsia
9th Nov 2022 Lecture - ONLINE - The Eloquent Suri of Ethiopia: People, Art, Culture, Language
19th Oct 2022 Lecture - ONLINE - Nubia, Ethiopia, and the Crusading World, 1095-1402
25th Sep 2022 Lecture - HYBRID - Amharic Book Afternoon
20th Sep 2022 Book Club - ONLINE - In Ethiopia with a Mule
2nd Aug 2022 Lecture - HYBRID - 75th Anniversary of Ethiopian Airlines
20th Jul 2022 Book Club - ONLINE - The Lost Spell
7th Jul 2022 ONLINE - Annual General Meeting - Members Only
10th May 2022 Book Club - ONLINE - The Barefoot Emperor
8th May 2022 Book Launch - HYBRID - Songs We Learn From Trees
21st Apr 2022 Lecture - ONLINE - Sports & Modernity in Late Imperial Ethiopia
5th Apr 2022 Lecture - ONLINE - Ethiopia and Eritrea: Friends or Rivals?
22nd Mar 2022 Book Club - ONLINE - Unbury Our Dead With Song
15th Mar 2022 Lecture - ONLINE - Ethiopia and Eritrea: Friends or Rivals? - Postponed until later in the year
16th Feb 2022 Lecture - ONLINE - Of Age-Grades, Heroes and Kings, The Frobenius Institute's Research and Collections on Southern Ethiopia
26th Jan 2022 Lecture - ONLINE - Sing and Sing On - Sentinel Musicians and the Making of the Ethiopian American Diaspora
18th Jan 2022 Book Club - ONLINE - The Scent of Eucalyptus
11th Dec 2021 Lecture - ONLINE - Art and Design in Jet Age Ethiopia
23rd Nov 2021 Book Club - ONLINE - Oromay
18th Nov 2021 Lecture - ONLINE - Ethiopia's Quest for the Nation State
14th Oct 2021 Lecture - ONLINE - Ethiopia Illustrated
21st Sep 2021 Book Club - ONLINE - Out of Thin Air: Running Wisdom and Magic from Above the Clouds in Ethiopia
16th Sep 2021 Lecture - ONLINE - Ethiopia and Eritrea: Friends or Rivals? - Postponed until March 2022
11th Aug 2021 Lecture - ONLINE - Drought, Trees and Sustainable Livelihoods
22nd Jul 2021 Lecture - ONLINE - Holy War: Catholic Italy's Crusade Against the Ethiopian Orthodox Church
22nd Jul 2021 ONLINE - Annual General Meeting - Members Only
15th Jul 2021 Book Club - ONLINE - Princess Mersabel
24th Jun 2021 Lecture - ONLINE - An Introduction to the Larger Mammals of Ethiopia
21st Jun 2021 ONLINE - Anglo-Ethiopian Society Open Meeting
20th May 2021 Book Club - ONLINE - Cry Wolf
12th May 2021 Lecture - ONLINE - The Monasteries of the Beta Israel - New Discoveries from a Recent Archaeological Survey
7th Apr 2021 Lecture - ONLINE - Medieval Ethiopian Kingship, Craft, and Diplomacy - Book Launch
29th Mar 2021 Book Club - ONLINE - Land to the Tiller
24th Mar 2021 Lecture - ONLINE - Theatre in Post-Imperial Ethiopia and Eritrea - Much More Than a Matter of Entertainment
19th Nov 2020 Book Club - ONLINE - Addis Ababa Noir
3rd Nov 2020 Lecture - ONLINE - Menelik
20th Oct 2020 Book Club - ONLINE - Money, Blood and Conscience
13th Oct 2020 Lecture - ONLINE - Walter Mittelholzer - Abessinienflug
22nd Sep 2020 ONLINE - Annual General Meeting - Members Only
22nd Sep 2020 Lecture - ONLINE - Shallow Graves - A Memoir of the Ethiopia-Eritrea War
15th Sep 2020 Book Club - ONLINE - Shallow Graves - A Memoir of the Ethiopia-Eritrea War
26th Aug 2020 Lecture - ONLINE - Finding the Lost Crown of Cheleqot
21st Jul 2020 Lecture - ONLINE - Tales from Lalibela
16th Jul 2020 Book Club - ONLINE - Songs We Learn From Trees
23rd Jun 2020 Lecture - ONLINE - From Ethiopia to Israel - The Lost Biblical Tribe Saved by Spies
20th Jun 2020 Book Club - ONLINE - Red Sea Spies - The True Story of Mossad's Fake Diving Resort
27th May 2020 Book Club - ONLINE - The Shadow King
16th Apr 2020 Lecture - POSTPONED - Shallow Graves - A Memoir of the Ethiopia-Eritrea War
24th Mar 2020 Book Club - POSTPONED - The Shadow King
4th Mar 2020 Lecture - Maaza Mengiste: The Shadow King
26th Feb 2020 Lecture - Hierotopia - Ethiopia's Holy Forests
28th Jan 2020 Lecture - Eduard Zander, His Life and Work in Ethiopia
11th Jan 2020 Christmas Lunch - Wolkite Kitfo
16th Dec 2019 Lecture - The Act of Living: Street Life in Urban Ethiopia
19th Nov 2019 Book Club - Amiable With Big Teeth
12th Nov 2019 Lecture - Documenting Transforming Structures: Newly Carved Churches of Ethiopia
8th Oct 2019 Lecture - Federalism and Self-Determination: Revisiting the Southern Region
2nd Sep 2019 Lecture - The Contemporary Fine Art Landscape in Ethiopia
20th Aug 2019 Book Club - Spy Games
19th Aug 2019 Lecture - Understanding the Red Terror: Ethiopia's Revolutionary Violence in the Light of New Evidence
23rd Jul 2019 Lecture - Cine-Ethiopia
24th Jun 2019 Lecture - Ethiopia - A Lifetime of Dramatic Change
24th Jun 2019 Annual General Meeting - Members Only
12th Jun 2019 Book Club - Excitements in Ethiopia
23rd May 2019 Lecture - Ethiopian Manuscripts: Cataloguing, Curating, Exhibiting, and Digitising the British Library's Collection
16th Apr 2019 Book Club - Accidental Patriot - A Diplomat's Journey in Africa Rediscovering America
10th Apr 2019 Lecture - The Chewa Warriors, Ethiopia's Ancient Army
12th Mar 2019 Lecture - The Armenians of Ethiopia
21st Feb 2019 Lecture - The Enigma of Ethiopia's Hairy Kings
2nd Feb 2019 Festival - Ethiopian Literature Festival
29th Jan 2019 Book Club - The History of Rasselas, Prince of Abissinia
25th Jan 2019 Study Visit - Ethiopian Manuscripts at the British Library
22nd Jan 2019 Lecture - BBC Services for Ethiopia
12th Jan 2019 Christmas Lunch - Adulis Restaurant
11th Jan 2019 Study Visit - Ethiopian Manuscripts at the British Library
30th Nov 2018 Study Visit - Ethiopian Manuscripts at the British Library - Postponed until January 2019
12th Nov 2018 Lecture - Captain Speedy, Dejatch Alemayu and Me; a Family Journey
7th Nov 2018 Lecture - The East African Campaign, 1940-1943: Our Father's Letters from the Battlefield in Somalia and Ethiopia
22nd Oct 2018 Poetry Evening - Greetings to the People of Europe!
18th Sep 2018 Book Club - The Wife's Tale
4th Sep 2018 Lecture - The Craft of Ethiopian Manuscripts
28th Aug 2018 Lecture - Small Scale Irrigation Gap-Analysis Mapping for Ethiopia
23rd Aug 2018 Lecture - The Wife's Tale
24th Jul 2018 Book Club - Boy 87 and The Prince Who Walked With Lions
21st Jul 2018 Studio Visit - Painting in Lalibela
19th Jul 2018 Lecture - A Celebration and Commemoration of Ethiopian Studies at SOAS
19th Jul 2018 Annual General Meeting - Members Only
13th Jun 2018 Film - Fatuma and Asya: Two Afar Girls in Ethiopia
22nd May 2018 Lecture - The Abyssinian Expedition: Magdala at 150
25th Apr 2018 Lecture - Ethiopian Athletes and their Aspirations
8th Mar 2018 Informal Supper Club - Queen of Sheba Restaurant
5th Mar 2018 Book Club - The Sacred City of the Ethiopians: Being a Record of Travel and Research in Abyssinia in 1893
8th Feb 2018 Lecture - Enset, Animals, and People in the Southern Highlands of Ethiopia
31st Jan 2018 Lecture - Globalisation from the Vantage Point of Ethiopia
16th Jan 2018 Book Club - Black Dove, White Raven
13th Jan 2018 Christmas Lunch - Wolkite Kitfo
15th Dec 2017 Lecture - Industrial Parks in Ethiopia
5th Dec 2017 Lecture - The British Council Addis Ababa: 75 Years of History in Ethiopia
25th Oct 2017 Lecture - German and Ottoman plots to involve Ethiopia in World War One
18th Oct 2017 Poetry - An evening with Hama Tuma, an Ethiopian rebel angel
17th Oct 2017 Book Club - Queen of Flowers and Pearls
5th Oct 2017 Lecture - Ten Years of Politics and Security in Ethiopia - 2007 to 2017
6th Sep 2017 Lecture - Ezanas and Frumentius - legends and history of the conversion to Christianity
8th Aug 2017 Book Club - Eating the Flowers of Paradise
11th Jul 2017 Book Launch - The Addis Ababa Massacre
5th Jul 2017 Lecture - Building a Climate Resilient Coffee Economy of Ethiopia
15th Jun 2017 Lecture - Participatory governance and politics 'beyond the vanguard' in Ethiopia?
15th Jun 2017 Annual General Meeting - Members Only
23rd May 2017 Study Visit - Study visit to Cambridge
16th May 2017 Book Club - Ethiopian Reminiscences: Early Days
11th May 2017 Lecture - Bridging the Gap: The trials and tribulations of undertaking clinical research in Ethiopia
8th Apr 2017 Study Visit - The Hidden Gospels of Abba Garima, Treasures of the Ethiopian Highlands
4th Apr 2017 Lecture - Reporting Ethiopia - 2007-2009
14th Mar 2017 Book Club - Ethiopia: through writer's eyes
8th Mar 2017 Lecture - Ethiopia 50 Years Ago
15th Feb 2017 Lecture - The Ethiopian Orthodox Church - A Different Way of Being Christian
31st Jan 2017 Book Club - Imperial Exile - Emperor Haile Selassie in Britain 1936-40
17th Jan 2017 Lecture - Peoples of Ethiopia - Behind the Photographs
9th Nov 2016 Lecture - Setting up a Fire Rescue Service in Asella
13th Oct 2016 Event - Ethiopian Poetry and Music Evening
11th Oct 2016 Book Club - The Case of the Criminal Walk and Other Stories
8th Sep 2016 Lecture - 'OMO'- Change in the Valley
23rd Aug 2016 Book Club - The Search for the Rarest Bird in the World
6th Aug 2016 Lecture - Ethiopian Film
30th Jun 2016 Lecture - Issues Relating to Same Sex Orientation in Ethiopia
28th Jun 2016 Book Club - Inga's Letters from Ethiopia 1946 - 1955
16th Jun 2016 Lecture - Challenges and Opportunities raised by the Expansion of Higher Education in Ethiopia
11th May 2016 Annual General Meeting - Members Only
11th May 2016 Lecture - Social Organisations and the Developmental State in Ethiopia
19th Apr 2016 Book Club - King of Kings: The Triumph and Tragedy of Emperor Haile Selassie I of Ethiopia
7th Apr 2016 Lecture - Imperial Exile: Haile Selassie's wilderness years in Bath
3rd Mar 2016 Lecture - The Massacre of Debre Libanos, Ethiopia, 1937
19th Feb 2016 Lecture - Photographing the priests and pilgrims of Ethiopia
16th Feb 2016 Book Club - Sweetness in the Belly
28th Jan 2016 Lecture - Mursi Ox Modification in the Lower Omo Valley
9th Jan 2016 Christmas Lunch - Zeret Kitchen Restaurant
25th Nov 2015 Lecture - Witnessing the birth of an ocean: Rifting in the Afar Depression, Ethiopia, Eritrea & Djibouti
17th Nov 2015 Book Club - The Danakil Diary - Journeys Through Abyssinia, 1930-34
3rd Oct 2015 Lecture - Piped water in rural Ethiopia - does it automatically improve well-being?
16th Sep 2015 Lecture - Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital and the Hamlin College of Midwives
11th Aug 2015 Book Club - The Good Italian
22nd Jul 2015 Lecture - When Britain Loved RasTafari
20th Jun 2015 Lecture - 'Leaving no-one behind' - Promoting equity in society - A key driver for EPRDF?
20th Jun 2015 Annual General Meeting - Members Only
2nd Jun 2015 Book Club - Flying Kokeb
12th May 2015 Lecture - Nationalism, Law and Statelessness. Grand Illusions in the Horn of Africa
21st Apr 2015 Study Visit - British Museum
9th Apr 2015 Lecture - Coffee and Flower Growing in Ethiopia
24th Mar 2015 Book Club - Flashman on the March
3rd Mar 2015 Lecture - The Massacre of Addis Ababa, February 1937: The Greatest Single Atrocity of the Italian Occupation
10th Feb 2015 Lecture - Introduction to Ethiopian Cinema
15th Jan 2015 Lecture - Putting Knowledge to Work: The Challenge for Ethiopia
10th Jan 2015 Christmas Lunch - Marathon Restaurant
10th Dec 2014 Lecture - Ethiopian Painted Tombstones
9th Dec 2014 Book Club - The Lure of the Honey Bird - The Storytellers of Ethiopia
15th Nov 2014 Study Visit - Fairfield House, Bath
6th Oct 2014 Lecture - Ethiopia and the Psalms: Unique Among the Leaders
17th Sep 2014 Lecture - Development by Dispossession in Ethiopia's Lower Omo Valley
27th Aug 2014 Lecture - The State of Tourism in Ethiopia and its Undesirable Impact
26th Aug 2014 Book Club - Amedeo: The True Story of an Italian's War in Abyssinia
16th Aug 2014 AES Library - Library Open House
2nd Jul 2014 Lecture - Ethiopian Coffee Cultivation: from Kaldi to Climate Change
18th Jun 2014 Lecture - Hansel and Gretel in Jijiga
21st May 2014 Lecture - What Ethiopia Teaches Us
21st May 2014 Annual General Meeting - Members Only
13th May 2014 Book Club - Kagnew Station
6th May 2014 Ethiopian Study Visit - An Evening at the British Library: The History and Iconography of Or. 481
10th Apr 2014 Lecture - Islamic Ethiopia
4th Mar 2014 Lecture - Shaped by nine years in Ethiopia
5th Feb 2014 Lecture - The mural paintings of the maqdas and qene mahlet at Ura Kidane Mehrat, Zeghie Peninsula, Lake Tana
21st Jan 2014 Book Club - In Ethiopia with a Mule
11th Jan 2014 Christmas Lunch - Marathon Restaurant
9th Jan 2014 Lecture - From ‘doing ethnography’ to appreciating history in Western Ethiopia
26th Nov 2013 Lecture - The Global Trachoma Mapping Project
15th Oct 2013 Book Club - Notes from the Hyena's Belly
8th Oct 2013 Lecture - The Ark of the Covenant
12th Sep 2013 Lecture - The Ethiopian Patriots: Forgotten Voices of the Italo-Abyssinian War 1935-41
20th Aug 2013 Book Club - Beneath the Lion's Gaze
17th Aug 2013 Ethiopian Study Visit - Ethiopian Private Collection
17th Jul 2013 Lecture - Harnessing Ethiopia's Vital Force: the Work of the Donkey Sanctuary in Ethiopia
29th Jun 2013 Charity Self-Help Group
25th Jun 2013 Lecture - From Gondar Link to Link Ethiopia: Sixteen Years of Supporting Schools and Education in Ethiopia
22nd May 2013 Lecture - Gondar's Conservation Master Plan
22nd May 2013 Annual General Meeting - Members Only
21st May 2013 Book Club - Black Mischief and Scoop
16th Apr 2013 Lecture - Water, water everywhere - But can anything be done about it by well meaning feranji?
6th Mar 2013 Lecture - From Yemen to Yeha and Beyond: In Search of the Queen of Sheba in Ethiopia
12th Jan 2013 Christmas Lunch - Marathon Restaurant
10th Jan 2013 Lecture - The Poor Man's Timber: can growing native bamboo in Southern Ethiopia become a commercially viable business?
11th Dec 2012 Lecture - A Century of Planning in Aksum
7th Nov 2012 Lecture - Rasta Livity
9th Oct 2012 Lecture - The Iconography of the Suffering Christ in Fifteenth Century Ethiopian Art
3rd Oct 2012 Ethiopian Study Visit - Ethiopian Costumes and Textiles, Blythe House
4th Sep 2012 Lecture - The influences on illustrators and illustrations for Ethiopian children's literature
7th Jul 2012 Ethiopian Study Visit - Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church of St. Mary of Debre Tsion
13th Jun 2012 Lecture - In the footsteps of Napier: to Magdala, via the Beshilo ravine and the King's Road
17th May 2012 Lecture - Aksum and the End of Meroe
17th May 2012 Annual General Meeting - Members Only
26th Apr 2012 Lecture - The Azmari Goes Global: Ethnicity, Identity and Migration in Ethiopian-Israeli Music
7th Mar 2012 Lecture - My Life and Times in Ethiopia
8th Feb 2012 Lecture - Famine in the Horn of Africa: What does it mean for Ethiopia?
4th Feb 2012 Ethiopian Study Visit - Captain Speedy Collection, British Museum
18th Jan 2012 Lecture - How hard can it be to save one small lark from extinction in a big place like Ethiopia?
14th Jan 2012 Christmas Lunch - Ras Dashen Restaurant - NOW CLOSED
7th Dec 2011 Lecture - Life and Work at the Court of Haile Selassie I: Memoirs of Lore Trenkler
22nd Nov 2011 Ethiopian Study Visit - Wellcome Library
9th Nov 2011 Lecture - Human Genetic Diversity in Ethiopia, its origin and implication
11th Oct 2011 Lecture - The church of Tekle Haymanot, Azezo
10th Sep 2011 Summer Fair - Anglo-Ethiopian Society Summer Fair
6th Sep 2011 Lecture - Ensessakotteh, Ethiopian Wolves - A heritage to cherish
18th Aug 2011 Lecture - From Aksumawit to Zed: Ethiopian Embroidered Dress Designs
14th Jul 2011 Lecture - Are there still Jews in Ethiopia?
25th Jun 2011 AES Library - Library Open House
21st Jun 2011 Ethiopian Study Visit - Imperial War Museum
16th Jun 2011 Lecture - Leishmaniasis in Ethiopia
19th May 2011 Annual General Meeting - Members Only
19th May 2011 Lecture - The European Mapping of Ethiopia, 1573-1857
5th Apr 2011 Lecture - Ancient Ethiopian Gold Coinage - not only a demonstration of might and statehood
2nd Apr 2011 Ethiopian Study Visit - Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology
19th Mar 2011 Ethiopian Study Visit - Duke of Wellington's Regiment (West Riding) Museum
16th Mar 2011 Lecture - Ethiopian Folktales Online: Creating a Resource
23rd Feb 2011 Lecture - Potential for Economic growth in Ethiopia, particularly in the Tourism Sector
26th Jan 2011 Lecture - Witnessing the birth of Africa's new ocean: the Afar Rift Consortium
15th Jan 2011 Christmas Lunch - Marathon Restaurant
13th Dec 2010 Film - Awra Amba
9th Nov 2010 Lecture - Postal History of the British Military in Ethiopia
6th Nov 2010 Ethiopian Study Visit - Horniman Museum, London
12th Oct 2010 Lecture - An Ethiopian Eden: Mapping Paradise in Ethiopia
18th Sep 2010 Conference - Anglo-Ethiopian Society Summer Conference
9th Sep 2010 Lecture - The founding of the Institute of Ethiopian Studies and Early Days at Addis Ababa University
4th Sep 2010 Ethiopian Study Visit - Powell-Cotton Museum, Kent
10th Aug 2010 Lecture - The Vegetation of Ethiopia, Plant Collectors and the Flora Project
13th Jul 2010 Lecture - Approaching an Ethiopian Icon
10th Jul 2010 Ethiopian Study Visit - Bodleian Library and the Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford
22nd Jun 2010 Lecture - Birding on the Roof of Africa: the Endemic Birds of Ethiopia
20th May 2010 Annual General Meeting - Members Only
20th May 2010 Lecture - Echoes of a Distant Drum (in the footsteps of the British Expeditionary Force to Magdala)
12th May 2010 Book Club - The Consequences of Love
15th Apr 2010 Lecture - Twinning and Working with Older People in Ethiopia
24th Mar 2010 Lecture - A Princess in the Family
20th Feb 2010 Ethiopian Showcase - British Museum
17th Feb 2010 Lecture - The Ancient Churches of Ethiopia
20th Jan 2010 Lecture - Sebetat: The Many Lives and Deaths of a Monster
9th Jan 2010 Christmas Lunch - Marathon Restaurant
10th Dec 2009 Executive Committee Meeting - Members Only
8th Dec 2009 Ethiopian Showcase - Victoria and Albert Museum
10th Nov 2009 Lecture - Ethiopia and Lichfield: the fact and fiction of Rasselas
16th Sep 2009 Lecture - The Ferenji Cemetery in Gulele, Addis Ababa. A piece of social history
10th Sep 2009 Executive Committee Meeting - Members Only
25th Aug 2009 Lecture - The Church Painters of Adet and the Miracles of Mary
18th Jun 2009 Lecture - Mossy Foot - a tragedy in the Ethiopian Highlands
21st May 2009 Lecture - Population and Sustainability
21st May 2009 Annual General Meeting - Members Only
24th Mar 2009 Lecture - Ethiopian Paintings held by the Royal Asiatic Society
24th Mar 2009 Ethiopian Showcase - Ethiopian Plant Specimens
17th Mar 2009 Ethiopian Showcase - Ethiopian Plant Specimens (extra date added because of demand)
27th Jan 2009 Ethiopian Showcase - Historic Maps of Ethiopia
10th Jan 2009 Christmas Lunch - and Sixtieth Anniversary Celebrations
4th Nov 2008 Lecture - The Fish Eagle’s Lament: Travels in South West Ethiopia
16th Sep 2008 Lecture - The Painting of the History and Legend of King Lalibela
19th Jun 2008 Lecture - Lalibela: towards an archaeological context
14th May 2008 Lecture - Out of Egypt: Coptic Christianity and links to Ethiopia
14th May 2008 Annual General Meeting - Members Only
10th Apr 2008 Lecture - Off the Beaten Track in Ethiopia
6th Mar 2008 Lecture - Making Ethiopian doctors since 1968
28th Nov 2007 Lecture - World Heritage Sites in Ethiopia
20th Sep 2007 The Millennium Lecture - The Orthodox Church in Ethiopia and Social Change: a personal journey through modern and ancient Ethiopia
20th Jun 2007 Lecture - Ethiopian Paintings: hidden stories, true meanings
23rd May 2007 Lecture - Black Gold: the story of the film
23rd May 2007 Annual General Meeting - Members Only
27th Mar 2007 Lecture - An Introduction to Axumite Coinage
13th Feb 2007 Lecture - 20 years of visiting the Fistula Hospital in Addis Ababa - an illustrated talk
7th Nov 2006 Lecture - Addis in the 60’s (and a bit of the 50’s)
21st Sep 2006 Lecture - Picturing Northern Ethiopia
22nd Jun 2006 Lecture - Down the Blue Nile in Boats (1968)
23rd May 2006 Lecture - Ethiopian Studies at SOAS - past, present and future
23rd May 2006 Annual General Meeting - Members Only
3rd Apr 2006 Visit - British Library Visit
22nd Mar 2006 Lecture - An Ethiopian Odyssey
16th Feb 2006 Lecture - Ethiopian Pilgrimage
10th Nov 2005 Lecture - The Maria Theresa Thaler in Ethiopia and Beyond
14th Sep 2005 Lecture - Picturing Apocalypse at Gondar
27th Jun 2005 Lecture - Preserving Ethiopia’s Cultural Heritage and the role of the Manuscripts and Archives Department of the Institute of Ethiopian Studies
15th Jun 2005 Lecture - Tourists in Ethiopia
28th Apr 2005 Lecture - Travel in the Omo Basin - Friend or Foe
15th Mar 2005 Lecture - Traditional Education in the Ethiopian Church
16th Feb 2005 Lecture - The ‘EAGLE’ Project
27th Oct 2004 Lecture - Lalibela, Ethiopia's Ancient Rock Cut Churches
8th Sep 2004 Lecture - My Favourite Journey - by train between Addis Ababa and Djibouti
8th Jul 2004 Lecture - Borders are about People - Demarcating for Peace
8th Jun 2004 Lecture - The Road to Bethlehem
27th Apr 2004 Lecture - The Mountains of Rasselas
24th Mar 2004 Lecture - Another Uproar
11th Feb 2004 Lecture - Magdala Revisited
27th Nov 2003 Lecture - Lalibela, its children and Timkat
4th Nov 2003 Lecture - Gemini's street-children grow wings
16th Sep 2003 Lecture - The Life of Prince Alamayu Teodros in the UK
30th Jun 2003 Lecture - ‘What's Up’ Art
8th May 2003 Lecture - The Challenge for Ethiopia
25th Mar 2003 Lecture - Agricultural Expansion and Pest Control in Ethiopia
4th Feb 2003 Lecture - Ogres, Kings and the Hyena Women
19th Nov 2002 Lecture - Return to Magdala