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16th Jan 2019 Film - Shadow Caravans - The Ethos of the Afar Salt Trade and Dancing Grass: Harvesting Teff in the Tigrean Highlands
16th Jan 2019 Seminar - Ethiopia in Global Intellectual History (1901-1919)
16th Jan 2019 Lecture - Sylvia, the other Pankhurst
22nd Jan 2019 Lecture - BBC Services for Ethiopia
23rd Jan 2019 Film - Shooting with Mursi
25th Jan 2019 Study Visit - Ethiopian Manuscripts at the British Library
29th Jan 2019 Book Club - The History of Rasselas, Prince of Abissinia
2nd Feb 2019 Festival - Ethiopian Literature Festival
7th Feb 2019 Book Launch - The Oxford Handbook of the Ethiopian Economy
21st Feb 2019 Lecture - The Enigma of Ethiopia's Hairy Kings
26th Feb 2019 VSO film night - Omo Child : The River and the Bush
28th Feb 2019 Informal Supper Club - Harar Restaurant
12th Mar 2019 Lecture - The Armenians of Ethiopia
21st Mar 2019 Informal Supper Club - Kokeb Restaurant
10th Apr 2019 Lecture - The Chewa Warriors, Ethiopia's Ancient Army
16th Apr 2019 Book Club - Accidental Patriot - A Diplomat's Journey in Africa Rediscovering America
23rd Apr 2019 Informal Supper Club - Wolkite Kitfo
24th May 2019 Informal Supper Club - One Gursha Restaurant