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8th May 2017 Lecture - A Vision of Successful Pedagogy in the African Context: The Case of Speed Schools in Ethiopia
9th May 2017 Informal Supper Club - Harar Restaurant
11th May 2017 Lecture - Bridging the Gap: The trials and tribulations of undertaking clinical research in Ethiopia
11th May 2017 Lecture - Laughing about Corruption in Chinese-Ethiopian Encounters
16th May 2017 Seminar - Transfer of Crop Research Knowledge to Small Farmers, with emphasis on Eastern Africa
16th May 2017 Book Club - Ethiopian Reminiscences: Early Days
16th May 2017 Presentation - RIBA President's Awards for Research: Asmara - Africa's Modernist City
17th May 2017 Lecture - Insights into Ethiopia's agricultural renaissance
20th May 2017 Study Day - Ethiopian Orthodox Christianity: an African Cultural Repertoire
23rd May 2017 Study Visit - Study visit to Cambridge
30th May 2017 Panel discussion - State Formation & Decay in the Horn of Africa
13th Jun 2017 Informal Supper Club - Blue Nile Restaurant
15th Jun 2017 Annual General Meeting - Members Only
15th Jun 2017 Lecture - Participatory governance and politics 'beyond the vanguard' in Ethiopia?
5th Jul 2017 Lecture - Building a Climate Resilient Coffee Economy of Ethiopia
10th Jul 2017 Informal Supper Club - Zeret Kitchen Restaurant
8th Aug 2017 Book Club - Eating the Flowers of Paradise
14th Aug 2017 Informal Supper Club - Adulis Restaurant, Oval
6th Sep 2017 Lecture - Ezanas and Frumentius - legends and history of the conversion to Christianity