The Anglo-Ethiopian Society

Book Club - Ethiopia: through writer's eyes

Yves-Marie Stranger

Tuesday 14th March 2017

7:30pm, National Theatre, Upper Ground, South Bank, London SE1 9PX - all welcome

The Society's book club will discuss Ethiopia: through writers' eyes extracts chosen by Yves-Marie Stranger.

This book offers the reader an opportunity to discover or rediscover one of the most fascinating countries on the planet, through a kaleidoscopic variety of authors including Herodotus, Edward Gibbon, Philip Marsden, Strabo, Abba Gregorios, Arthur Rimbaud, Edgar Allan Poe, Coleridge, Dervla Murphy, Wilfred Thesiger among others.

Yves-Marie Stranger is a long time Ethiopia resident, trilingual interpreter and writer.

Ethiopia: through writers' eyes is available as a paperback (ISBN 9781780600772).

We will meet in The Long Bar on the ground floor of the National Theatre.

If you would like to attend, or want further information, please email the Book Club.

Ethiopia: through writers' eyes edited by Yves-Marie Stranger.
Publisher: Eland Books, 2016.
Paperback: ISBN:9781780600772
Price: £14.99

First Published in News File Winter 2016

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