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Book Club - ONLINE - Land to the Tiller

Ann Oosthuizen

Monday 29th March 2021

Online event starting at 19:00 BST - Public event (all welcome to join).

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For this book club we're going to discuss Land to the Tiller, 2020, Morfa Books, Oxford, ISBN 9781916364707, UK RRP £7.99.

In 1974, one of the most extensive land reform programmes in history returned the land from the Ethiopian aristocracy to the people who tilled it. Overseeing this land reform was an inspiring but humble figure, Zegeye Asfaw, Oromo and Ethiopian.

Retaining the conversational style of the original 2012 interviews, Zegeye tells the story of his life, of the struggle for land reform, and of the personal cost of that struggle for himself and others. Despite a 10 year imprisonment, Zegeye is able to give an independent assessment of the man who jailed him, Mengistu Haile Mariam. The book includes a discussion, also from 2012, in which three people from the following generation talk about their experience of working with Zegeye.

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Eventbrite Tickets - Land to the Tiller by Ann Oosthuizen

Land to the Tiller book Land to the Tiller by Ann Oosthuizen
Publisher : Morfa Books, Oxford, 2020
ISBN : 9781916364707 (paperback)
UK RRP £7:99

First Published in News File Winter 2020

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