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ONLINE - Anglo-Ethiopian Society Open Meeting

Monday 21st June 2021

Online event starting at 19:00 BST - Anglo-Ethiopian Society Open Meeting.

The Anglo-Ethiopian Society was formed in 1948 and became a registered charity in 2013 (England and Wales: 1152741). Its object is to advance public education and knowledge about Ethiopia, including its history, culture, art and architecture, natural history and economy. This is achieved through:-

The last year or so has changed the way many of us work and live. The Anglo-Ethiopian Society has responded like many organisations by moving its events (lectures and bookclubs) online via Zoom. The email alert service has also expanded to give notice about the increasing number of online events being held globally.

More than that, it has meant that The Trustees have intensified our thinking about what we do and how we may do things in the future.

But we also want to hear from you, particularly the members, about these things.

We would like you to participate in an open discussion about how you think the Society should operate and what we should be concentrating on.

For example: Do you feel that we provide the type of events that fulfil the charitable objects of the Society? What sort of events would you like to participate in? And in particular should events return to physical meetings, continue entirely online, or be a mixture of the two?

Do you value receiving a printed paper copy of News File? Or would you prefer an electronic newsletter?

Society activities (whether events, the newsletter, the alert list, website, or maintaining a library) are only possible because of the input and work by the Trustees together with a small number of member volunteers. It is vital that more members become involved and we hope that this open Zoom will allow you to ask questions about the roles of Trustees; and encourage you either to apply to become a Trustee yourself or to help them in a volunteer capacity to run the Society.

Please reserve your place for the Anglo-Ethiopian Society Open Meeting using the link below:

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First Published in News File Spring 2021

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