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Book Club - ONLINE - In Search of Sheba

Barbara Toy

Thursday 7th December 2023

Online event starting at 19:00 GMT - Public event (all welcome to join).

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For this book club we're going to discuss In Search of Sheba by Barbara Toy.

In 1959 Barbara Toy set out in her Land Rover to drive from Libya to Ethiopia. Alone, she crossed the Sahara Desert and the equatorial forests of the Congo before ascending the highlands of Haile Selassie's empire. Her Ethiopian travels took her from modern Addis Ababa to the ancient ruins of Aksum, through banditridden countryside to the summit of Mount Wehni - where male heirs to the emperor were traditionally imprisoned for life - on a quest to explore the legend of the Queen of Sheba. In Search of Sheba is full of good humour and grit, and chronicles a remarkable feat of endurance and adventure.

Author Barbara Toy was an Australian-British travel writer, theatrical director, playwright, and screenplay writer, famous for her solo overland travels in North Africa and Arabia. In Search of Sheba was originally published in 1961 but has recently been re-issued as part of the John Murray Journeys series.

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In search of Sheba cover In Search of Sheba by Barbara Toy

Publisher : John Murray, 2023
ISBN : 9781399811040 (paperback)
UK RRP £12.99

First Published in News File Spring 2023

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