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Book Club - ONLINE - Black Foam

Haji Jabir

Tuesday 24th October 2023

Online event starting at 19:00 BST - Public event (all welcome to join).

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For this book club we're going to discuss Black Foam by Haji Jabir.

In this novel Dawoud (or David, Adal, or Dawit, depending on where and when you meet him) is on the run from his murky past, aiming to discover where he belongs. He tries to assimilate into different groups along his journey through Eritrea, Ethiopia, and Israel, changing his clothes, his religious affiliations, and even his name to fit in, but the safety and peace he seeks remain elusive. It seems prejudice is everywhere, holding him back, when all he really wants is to create a simple life he can call his own.

Haji Jabir is an Eritrean novelist living in Doha, Qatar where he works as an Al Jazeera journalist. The novel, written in Arabic in 2019, has been translated into English by Sawad Hussain and Marcia Lynx Qualey.

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Black Foam book cover Black Foam by Haji Jabir

Publisher : Amazon Crossing, 2023
ISBN : 9781542034029 (hardback)
UK RRP £28.99
ISBN : 9781542034036 (paperback)
UK RRP £8.99

First Published in News File Spring 2023

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