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Lecture - ONLINE - Ethiopianisms Past and Present - From The Pittsburgh Courier to the World of Wakanda

Brian Yates

Thursday 12th October 2023

Online event starting at 19:00 BST - Public lecture (all welcome to join).

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Ethiopia, in the eyes of African-descended people, has remained an inspiration for what is possible. The myth, however, does not reflect reality, as an independent Christian African nation was a contradiction to the limits that have been placed on Africans in the Diaspora.

This presentation will highlight the various debates in Africa, Europe, and America, especially the reporting on Ethiopia in the Black American newspaper The Pittsburgh Courier on what defined Ethiopia in the lead up to Fascist occupation in 1935; later publications such as the contemporary comic book series Black Panther will be used to show the continuation of a changing Ethiopianism.

Brian J. Yates is an Associate Professor of History at Saint Joseph's University, Philadelphia. His research interests include identity construction, Ethiopian history, the Oromo, African state building, and modern African history. He is the author of The Other Abyssinians - The Northern Oromo and the Creation of Modern Ethiopia, 1855-1913 (University of Rochester, 2020).

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First Published in News File Spring 2023

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