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Lecture - ONLINE - Édouard Joseph Bidault de Glatigné and his photographs of Obock and Tadjoura

Hugues Fontaine

Thursday 25th January 2024

Online event starting at 19:00 GMT - Public lecture (all welcome to join).

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Édouard Bidault de Glatigné (1850-1925) opened a photographic studio in Aden in 1878.

In the 1880s he photographed the towns of Obock and Tadjoura (in present day Djibouti), where adventurous French traders had settled. His photographs show an astonishing empathy for the Afar people he encountered, and demonstrate a vision that is the opposite of the typical colonial ideology of the time.

The new book Obock-Tadjoura: Années 1880 presents 126 photographs taken by Édouard Bidault de Glatigné, including a number that were previously unpublished, and places them in their historical context. It is also illustrated with maps and woodcuts taken from newspapers and journals to which Édouard occasionally contributed.

Édouard later became a friend of the poet Arthur Rimbaud and moved to Harar, where he took many more photographs.

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Obock-Tadjoura: Années 1880 book Obock-Tadjoura: Années 1880 by Hugues Fontaine

Publisher: Amarna Production, 2023
ISBN: 9791092157055 (softback), RRP 39€

First Published in News File Summer 2023

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