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Lecture - Reporting Ethiopia - 2007-2009

Elizabeth Blunt

Tuesday 4th April 2017

7:00pm, Room B102, Brunei Building, SOAS, Russell Square, London WC1H 0XG - Public lecture (all welcome)

Elizabeth Blunt had a long career in the BBC, and has reported from both Africa and South Asia for World Service radio, receiving an MBE for her part in BBC coverage of the Liberian Civil War. In 2007, after officially retiring, she returned to work in Ethiopia where she served for two years as the Corporation's reporter in Addis Ababa.

Her two years there saw few dramatic political developments, although the consequences of the events of 2005 were still being played out. But she was lucky enough to be able to report on the Ethiopian Millennium, the end of the rift with Pope Shenouda, and an Oromo coronation, as well as topics ranging from cross border raiding in South Omo to Tigrean embroiderers with a nice line in replica Welsh Quilts.

Being a journalist in Ethiopia has never been easy, and has undoubtedly got harder since she left, but the rewards are great, and her time there left Elizabeth with some vivid memories which she will share with us in this talk.

Capacity at the venue is limited, so please reserve your place soon to avoid disappointment.

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First Published in News File Spring 2017

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