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Author - Matt Stockdale

Next year will be a significant milestone for GondarLink; we will have been helping and supporting the young people in the Gondar region of Ethiopia for ten years and what an exciting ten years those have been!

GondarLink began as a very ambitious school link between Dr. Challoner's in Amersham and the Fasiledes School in Gondar. Today our outlook has broadened but school links remain our focus. We oversee some 10 school links from infants level to Sixth Form colleges; our young people write to each other regularly; some 140 students and staff have visited Gondar themselves, 36 of them teaching English for three months each. We have funded school building projects, carried and shipped many books and computer equipment, established an email system between our twinned schools and are just starting a bursary programme for particularly needy school projects. Our efforts have had a significant impact on many young people throughout the town. We sponsor 15 kids through our friends at The Kindu Trust, fund a project offering food and clothing to street kids in return for a tidying-up session in an area of the town and we resource a very talented and motivated gymnastic youth circus which is now ably performing throughout the area. There's lots to tell! So visit our website and find out more:

First Published in News File Summer 2005

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