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Ethiopian Museums Support Association

Author - Anne Parsons

The Ethiopian Museums Support Association (EMSA) is a non-governmental, independent organisation established to assist Ethiopian museums and museum professionals in Ethiopia. It was registered as an indigenous non-governmental body by the Ethiopian Ministry of Justice in July 2005. It runs its work from its office in Addis Ababa and has just launched its website.

EMSA participates in the annual celebrations of the 'International Museum Day' that are held on or around 18 May each year. This event enables museum professionals to meet the public and enlighten them about the role museums play in cultural heritage preservation. One of the projects EMSA has initiated is the Ethiopian Museums Needs Assessment Project which is an on-going project aimed at conducting a baseline survey of the existing museums in the country to assess their needs and demands. The project aims to compile a database of museums, cultural sites and tourist attractions in Ethiopia.

Further information about EMSA and all the activities and projects it is involved in can be found on the EMSA website:

First Published in News File Spring 2010

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