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Book Review - Haile Selassie’s War

Anthony Mockler

Reviewer - Julian Kay

This book first came out in 1984 and the preface was written in Milton Manor, Milton, Oxfordshire, in the summer of 1983. The preface to this very welcome new edition was written in Kabul in the late spring of 2002. Anthony Mockler continues to travel widely as a foreign correspondent. 'A memorable book' in the words of Sir John Keegan, and the new edition is beautifully produced. The print is larger. Occupied but never conquered, the story of how the five year dent in thousands of years of Ethiopia's independence was removed and the Emperor restored to his throne in 1941 is complex. But the author, anxious that the reader should not have too hard a time, urges continual reference to the maps, and one could add the excellent notes, chronology and biographical index.

An added source of delight for those members (and others) who were on the committee in the late 1980s and worked with her is the legend at the very beginning of the book

'To Rebecca Asrate Kassa who survived three years of imprisonment by the Dergue and still kept smiling'.

Haile Selassie's War by Anthony Mockler is published by Signal Books
Paperback 456 pages (January 6, 2003)
ISBN: 1902669533 paperback. Price £14.99
ISBN: 1902669525 hardcover. Price £35

First Published in News File Summer 2003

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