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Book Review - Das christliche Aethiopien

W. Raunig (ed.)

Reviewer - Robert Farwell

For those who read German (I do not with any ease) this appears to be an authoritative modern account of Christian Ethiopia; it is certainly wide-ranging and superbly illustrated. It has an account by Lothar Pascher of the important buildings of 2500 years of history, including excellent coverage of the rock-hewn churches recalling that of Georg Gerster's scarce and expensive Churches in Rock (Phaidon 1970). An extended section by Stanislaw Chojnacki on mural painting, icons, manuscripts and liturgical crosses follows. It is brief as regards recent murals, but others are covered in a section on the history of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church by Zewde Gabre-Sellassie. Other material includes plans and sectional drawings of key buildings.

319 pages, illustrated. Hardback. Schnell & Steiner, Regenberg, 2005.
ISBN 3795415411 Price: 69 euros

It appears that this book has already been translated into French and Italian (brief details below), so let's hope that an English version will be published soon.
L'Art en Ethiopie, Hazan Publishing, 2005. ISBN 2754100474
Etiopia, Storia, Arte, Cristianesimo. Jaca Book 2005. ISBN 8816603194

First Published in News File Spring 2006

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