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Charity Links

Members of the Anglo-Ethiopian Society either work for, or are directly involved with, the charities listed below:

The Asra Hawariat School Fund

The objects of the Charity are to support the relief of poverty and the advancement of education in Ethiopia through the work of the Aswa Hawariat School. The fund has no paid staff and is run on an entirely voluntary basis. The school was founded by a Declaration of Trust dated 10th October 1974 and is registered with the UK charity Commission.

The Aysanew Kassa Trust

The Aysanew Kasa Trust provides educational opportunities for the children of Azezo, Ethiopia

Care International UK

Care International works hand-in-hand with community organisations to find innovative solutions to end poverty. The CARE International Ethiopia country office was established in 1984 in response to the famine. CARE Ethiopia's involvement in non-emergency programming now includes agricultural extension services, income generation and food-for-work (primary infrastructure, conservation, agriculture), as well as family planning and HIV/AIDS education.

The Donkey Sanctuary

The Donkey Sanctuary run a clinic in Ethiopia at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at Debre Zeit and two mobile clinics which treat up to 450 donkeys a day in the markets surrounding the clinic. Vets are also trained at the clinic.

Ethiopian Education Foundation

The Ethiopian Education Foundation (eef) has set itself a specific mission: to give bright and very poor Ethiopian children a chance to dramatically change their lives through education.

Ethiopian Female Student Assistance Fund (EFSAF)

The prime objective of EFSAF is to provide grants to girls from the provinces, who are students at Addis Ababa University.

Ethiopian Heritage Fund (EHF)

The EHF works with the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism to aid the conservation of artifacts and paintings, and to provide advice and education on their maintenance.

Ethiopian Heritage Trust (UK)

The Trust supports the work of the Ethiopian Heritage Trust in Ethiopia, which works to restore and conserve lands of natural beauty and historic buildings in Ethiopia. Support focuses on their development and guardianship of the Entoto Natural Park, a 13 square kilometre park just on the outskirts of Addis Ababa.

Exeter - Ethiopia Link
Devon Aid - linking Devon with Africa

This link was set up in 1987 to promote a Community Link between Exeter in Devon and Hareto in Wellega in Ethiopia. In 1994 the Link was extended to include Nekempte, the principal town in Wellega. The Link supports health, agricultural and educational projects in Horeto and Nekempte and encourages educational links between schools in Exeter and the communities of Ethiopia.


FARM-Africa has been working with poor rural African farmers and herders since 1985. Programmes in Ethiopia include: Afar Prosopis Marketing Project, Bale Eco-Region Sustainable Management Programme, Drought Cycle Management Project, Ethiopian Pastoralist Project, Participatory Forest Management Programme, Pastoralist Livelihoods Initiative, Semu-Robi Planning for Development Project, Training and Advisory Unit, Women's Enterprise Development Project, Woreda Capacity Building Project.

Friends of Prison Fellowship Ethiopia

Greenstones Christian Trust (under the banner of Friends of Prison Fellowship Ethiopia provide practical (water pumps, tanks, shower and toilet blocks) and spiritual aid for men, women and children in prison in Ethiopia.

Glastonbury-Lalibela Link

The Glastonbury-Lalibela Link is run by Dr Hugh and Catherine Sharp to help raise money to improve the life of Ethiopians living in the area around Lalibela. As well as organising links between schools in Somerset and schools in the Lalibela area they have initiated a Safe Motherhood Project which they help supervise and monitor.
They work through the charity who are responsible for running the projects in Lalibela.

Gondar (Ethiopia) Eye Surgery (GEES)

GEES is a small focused charity promoting eye services in Northern Ethiopia through support for the Eye Department at Gondar University.
The improving department and associated teaching will act as a template for improved eye care for rural Ethiopia and provide places for students from other parts of Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa.

Hamlin Fistula UK

Exclusively supporting the Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital.

The Kindu Trust

The Kindu Trust works in partnership with an Ethiopian charity, Kindu Erdata, to shelter homeless children in Ethiopia. It meets the needs of poor children with health problems, gives guidance on childcare to poor mothers living in slums, teaches teenagers about HIV/AIDS through anti-AIDS clubs and runs projects to help street children.

Link Ethiopia

Started as the first full school link between Britain and Ethiopia (Fasilides Comprehensive Secondary School, Gondar and Dr. Challoner’s Grammar School, Amersham, England). Link Ethiopia now organises and supports a growing number of links between a wide variety of schools in England and Ethiopia.

Maternity Worldwide
- saving lives in childbirth

A charity which is uniquely focused on providing essential obstetric care to those women most in need in developing countries. They were invited by Adventist Health International to help develop maternity services for Western Ethiopia and are now responsible for running the delivery unit in a new hospital in Gimbie which opened in 2003. Maternity Worlwide provide skilled maternity staff and have established a fund to help those less able to pay for care. They are now working on a proposal to provide a network of obstetrics care services throughout Western Ethiopia.

Mossy Foot UK

Mossy Foot is a disease which causes massive swelling of the feet and legs and affects about 10% of the population in some highland areas of Ethiopia. Simple, inexpensive treatment has dramatic results. Mossy Foot UK was started by a UK dermatologist to help to eliminate this devastating, yet avoidable, condition by raising money to support local treatment centres.


ORBIS is dedicated to the prevention of blindness worldwide. Its mission is to preserve and restore sight by strengthening the capacity of local partners to prevent and treat blindness.
ORBIS Ethiopia was established in 1999 specifically to save and restore sight in Ethiopia.

Partners for Change Ethiopia

Since the Ethiopian famine of 1984 Partners for Change Ethiopia (PfC), (previously known as St Matthew's Children's Fund Ethiopia) has changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of orphan and vulnerable children. PfC work closely with the poorest people and help them to find carers for orphans and to provide everything a child needs in order to live a healthy, stimulating life with opportunities to grow and flourish. PfC work with a wide range of partners to achieve this. Join PfC and make the difference to the life of an orphan child and become a part of this incredible African success story. PfC work closely with their long-standing Ethiopian partner, JeCCDO (previously known as JACH), which facilitates the community development projects.
The SMCF/JeCCDO partnership was established in direct response to the large number of children abandoned in the wake of the terrible famine and civil war in the mid 1980s.
JeCCDO was amongst the first organisations in Ethiopia to launch Integrated Community Development Projects. These projects are designed to work within a particular community to facilitate their own projects to promote the welfare of their children.

Project Harar Ethiopia

Set up in April 2001, Project Harar Ethiopia aims to aid children and young people from the poorest backgrounds with severe facial deformities. The charity transports individuals to hospitals in either the UK or Addis Ababa and provides support prior to and during the facial rebuilding operations. They also oversee their reintroduction back into mainstream society, offering the chance for them to go back into education or learn a trade so as to safeguard their future.

Project Pencil Case

The mission of Project Pencil Case is to help underprivileged Ethiopian students by equipping them with necessary school supplies and other material needs. In a poor country, one method of getting out of poverty is achieving an education and with one pencil case at a time, Project Pencil Case hopes to help students along this path...


Rainbows4children is an independent foundation set up in memory of Nicolas Robinson and provides education for children in Ethiopia, primarily the children of adults with disabilities. Through their work in building and running the Nicolas School in Mekele, they are breaking the cycle of poverty by providing education at the highest level. The school now operates with 1400 students from Kindergarten to grade 12. They are still now developing technical training for the young people who do not go to university. In particular, they are supporting the hospitality industry and ICT in the first instance. Opportunities exist to sponsor a student or volunteer to help improve teaching standards.

Tropical Health & Education Trust (THET)

Established in 1988 THET provides training for frontline health workers and develops the institutional capacity of local health institutions. This is achieved through focusing on the goals of overseas partners and offering specialist support and training from UK-based health professionals. Links are with 8 African countries and over 16 UK hospitals and NHS trusts. THET has been working on projects with Gondar College of Medical Sciences and with Jimma University since 1993 to define and address health problems in the areas. More recently it has started similar projects with Debub University and its Faculty of Health Sciences at Dilla.